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Eldon Water Inspection Report


Boiler 3 Inspection

St-Joseph Mercy – Ann Arbor Campus 

A visual Inspection was performed on Boiler 3.  Below please find attached pictures and observation.


Attention:  Alex Lobodocky, SJMHS

  Paul Dobry, SJMHS

  Sonny Greeno, Chubb


Eldon Water Representative:  Joseph Ham, B.Sc.E

                                                   Patrick Racine, P.Eng. CEM



Boiler Information:

Mech. Con. Co.: DJ Conley  Mech. Con. Rep.:  Eric Cameron

Type:  Water Tube   Op Pressure PSI: 80 psig


System Information: Hosp.HVAC Water Treatment: Eldon Water Inc.

Application: Heating, humidity Pretreatment: Duplex Softener, Duplex Dealkalizer 

% Returns:   95%   Products Used: Oxikor S1100, Quest 250S, Caus 50 

Op Hours:   24/7   App. Method: Meter initiated feed 


Inspection Point:   Steam Drum

Deposits:  no signs of scale deposit.  

Corrosion: small signs of oxygen pitting on left baffle plate.  Same as last year












Inspection Point:   Mud Drum

Deposits:  no signs of scale deposits on tube.  Small build up at end of tubes.  

Corrosion: no signs of oxygen pitting






                        · Ensure daily water tests are within recommended ranges for operating boiler, especially sodium sulfite, polymer and hardness levels.

                        · Ensure proper warm lay-up procedures are followed. These were emailed to you last month.  Please contact us for more details on this.

                        · Weekly water tests should be performed on lay-up boiler.

                        · Continue on-going chemical treatment.



Thank you for your continued interest in our services and products,





Patrick Racine, P.Eng., CEM

Eldon Water Inc. – The Water Specialists 

888.712.4000 ext 802