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Boiler 3 repairs

Email from Bernie dated 6-1-12


Thank you for your reply. We will get back into your facility next week to dig further into this. Deb is off on PTO today but will return on Monday at which time we will see what day we can schedule this. I will let you know on Monday.


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Boiler #3 certainly did suffer some trauma during the burner flame blowback.  It’s one of our most valuable assets in the Plant.  Running in a questionable or compromised condition that could put our most valuable asset (staff, patients or guests) at risk would not certainly not allow any of us to feel comfortable.  We should confirm seals/cracks etc. are in proper order.  Please plan on continued investigation as you’re recommending. 






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>>> Louis Willoughby <> 06/01/2012 6:59 AM >>>


After reading our technicians report, I had concerns as to whether or not all the corrective action had been taken to repair the issue you had with this burner. Eric dropped by to investigate the other day and we have both agreed that we are not 100% satisfied on the repairs/investigation that was done. When Eric talked to your Engineer he was told that there was a blue flame flickering above the housing continuously. With that being said, I would like to have the complete throat seal removed and the housing inspected more thoroughly before closing this boiler back up. There is a possibility that the seal is bad deep down under the top throat seal. There is also a possibility that the burner housing has a crack in it. If we clean out the existing throat seal, we can add extra rope and insawool gasketing and possibly sealing this leak up. Even by cleaning up the throat seal, a crack in the housing may not be easily identified but I would feel much more confident running the boiler after doing these repairs. Let me know what you think about going in this direction.


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Lou Willoughby