Study Material

Power Plant 7am – 7pm

Fix surgery chiller indicator(3) on metasys to show correct status.

Med air and gas readings.

Plant Rounds and readings.

Warm up boiler 3.

While warming up boiler 3 there was a quick and short alarm at the console and the pwc started flashing showing a lockout on boiler 3 and quickly cleared itself. I didn’t have to acknowledge or silence anything at the boiler, it stopped by itself. Reset pwc OK. Note: Boiler never shutdown for this alarm which it normally would do – must have happened too fast.

Blow down boiler 1.

Add salt to tanks.

Finish graphic for Ann Arbor and WMAB Generators. Find it in the Generators tab in the folder named graphics.

Monitor metasys and adjust / dispatch as needed.

Work on blog – backup database.