Study Material

Responding to odor complaints related to A2 WasteWater Treatment Plant


Earlier, an email reminder was sent regarding our odiferous neighbors the Ann Arbor Waste Water Treatment Plant.

S.E.’s if you’re asked to register a complaint;

Please call the A2 Waste Water Utility Supervisor on Duty at 734.845.0781.

Note that it is a privilege to have direct access to their private line.  NEVER EVER DISCLOSE THIS WITH ANY OTHER STAFF it was provided during a meeting with their management staff. 

If I am on site, I will call as needed.  From past experience, whoever was answering has been helpful and thankful for the notification, sometimes calling back and confessing, yes they did find a door(s) propped open etc.  The site is bigger than it looks, and if a driver chooses to skip a step, wastewater treatment staff may not even be aware, since they could be in another building or airstream ~ possibly immune to the odors?

A critical aspect of this process is the associated documentation.  Anything related to this absolutely must be recorded.  In AIMS in the Tag box type in WASTEWATER; go from there…  We desperately need this, for when we call the State’s regulatory agency monitoring these types of issues; they will be asking when the event occurred, how often, etc.  Also, this is noteworthy in our e-log, (it’s nice for other shifts to know while they were away of such an occurrence) where you’ll find a copy of this email to assist with future events.  Adding tags such as ‘smell’, ‘odor’, ‘wastewater’, ‘treatment’, ‘fishy’, will help when using the search function. 

This is a patient care related issue, our response and documentation likewise needs to be treated as such.  If you have any pending questions or need assistance with AIMS or e-log use, please let me know.