Radiation Oncology RM 1384 Exam Room 2 water leaking from ceiling

More leaking from JCI conduit/junction box above the suspended ceiling in Radiation Oncology RM 1384 Exam Room 2.   Earlier this year Jerry Tyler asked for our assistance with what appeared at the time to possibly be condensate leaking from the conduit above the ceiling ~ warm air condensing in the piping & eventually dripping down?  With our ambient temps so much lower now, its clear this is not the case…  With the Linear Acc’s on domestic water, there’s a strong correlation to this leak, since not far from this room sits M.E.R. 10a.  BC TEN AIRE has been called to review the DX system normally used for the Lin Acc cooling, once restored our ‘mystery’ drip should cease…   Will follow up with field investigation.

2 thoughts on “Radiation Oncology RM 1384 Exam Room 2 water leaking from ceiling”

  1. This room flooded about a week ago due to a water line break. Could it be finding it’s way down?

  2. 07.14 found floor drain under evaporator portion of lin acc chiller covered with dirt etc.. This floor drain also serves AC 1 in M.E.R. 10a, perhaps with recent high humidity conditions and a blocked drain, water again found its way in RM 1384 exam room 2. Cleared the drain, and vacuumed any standing water. Jerry Tyler will restore ceiling tiles either tomorrow or Monday.

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