The Lowly Engineer
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    RHB CT

    Close make-up water vale-open CT drain lines-turn off cond pumps-turn off
    CT fans freq drive-turn off CW pumps freq drives. Will check 11-12-14.

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    Power Plant 0700 – 1500 Dwight

    Warmed and blew down boilers checked L.W.C.O. on #3 boiler

    Test and log bolier water results,finished cleaning #3 cooling tower,

    added ecoklenz to #4 cooling tower,asking Bill Metzger to drain make up and basin

    at shut down tonight.

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    E7042 E.F. 32-9

    Replaced two fan belts serving  the GROSSING STATION & general exhaust needs of AP.  Ordered six replacement belts (A38) from GRAINGER, req. # 8106323

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    Steam PRV etc. replaced/on line M.E.R. 9

    Work was completed today by Keith from J.E.G. to complete restoration of steam serving M.E.R. 9   Any isolation valves closed off for the summer months will still need attention.  Next to receive similar treatment is M.E.R. 5  just waiting for a replacement relief valve ordered from VR.