The Lowly Engineer
  • Metasys

    Normal not Disable RHC Chiller #1 E9001

    Both AHU’s serving RHC were discharging high; chillers sitting waiting for their start command.  Found METASYS point DISA-1  (Disable Chiller 1) in DISABLE (no annotation)  changed this to NORMAL , occupants much happier with cooler D.A.T. from AHU’s.

  • Metasys

    ahu 50-30

    Found ahu 50-30 running at 46 degrees, cooling valve 18% open.  Shut down fan, power cycled jci panel.  Restart, currently holding setpoint

  • Metasys

    E5755 East Tower AHU 46-26 Return Air Plenum & Damper Repair

    Carpenters worked on restoring the walls leading into the return air plenum and supporting the mixed air damper for East Tower AHU 46-26.  Operator overrides were placed on the mixed air damper, etc.  The fan should be okay to run this way through the night.  ACP staff will be back at it tomorrow morning at or around 6 AM.  As an added safety a low limit pressure switch is being installed to reduce future risk.