The Lowly Engineer
  • Metasys

    5305 Building Radiant

    The water supply feeding the radiant system for our 5305 Building has been valved off at the fill valve.  A copper coupling is leaking in the Dr. McMurtrie’s office ( southeast corner of the 2nd floor).  Brandon & Jim investigating options for repair.  As a ‘just in case’ I have commanded Radiant Pumps 1 & 2 off in METASYS.

  • Study Material

    5305 RTU's A,B and C

    Lowered D.A.T. set points from 65 to 55 on all three rooftop units serving the 5305 building.  Complaint of high humidity causing paper issues in Administration.  Brad will measure % RH this morning and follow up tomorrow or Fri to confirm the lower d.a.t. was effective.