The Lowly Engineer
  • Metasys

    5305 Building Radiant

    The water supply feeding the radiant system for our 5305 Building has been valved off at the fill valve.  A copper coupling is leaking in the Dr. McMurtrie’s office ( southeast corner of the 2nd floor).  Brandon & Jim investigating options for repair.  As a ‘just in case’ I have commanded Radiant Pumps 1 & 2 off in METASYS.

  • Study Material

    M.E.R. #13 Radiant

    There was need this morning for Keith Eichsted to interrupt service to M.E.R. #13 radiation pump/loop.  As part of the new classroom construction by the staff elevators, some more radiant piping was removed (some removed last week too).  Just an ‘FYI’ since Steve reported hearing Rad Pump noise last week after that interruption, likely air entrapment that he removed.  Keith will check system before leaving today and tomorrow morning as well.  No water was drained in M.E.R. #13 itself…