The Lowly Engineer
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    Radiation Oncology RM 1384 Exam Room 2 water leaking from ceiling

    More leaking from JCI conduit/junction box above the suspended ceiling in Radiation Oncology RM 1384 Exam Room 2.   Earlier this year Jerry Tyler asked for our assistance with what appeared at the time to possibly be condensate leaking from the conduit above the ceiling ~ warm air condensing in the piping & eventually dripping down?  With our ambient temps so much lower now, its clear this is not the case…  With the Linear Acc’s on domestic water, there’s a strong correlation to this leak, since not far from this room sits M.E.R. 10a.  BC TEN AIRE has been called to review the DX system normally used for the Lin Acc cooling, once restored our ‘mystery’ drip should cease…   Will follow up with field investigation.

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    M.E.R. 6 Flood

    The relief serving the former M.E.R. 13 T.U. system relieved itself ~ possibly yesterday during the refilling of this loop?  Recently work has been done to eliminate the pumps in M.E.R. 13 and 14 and combining the two closed loops together.  The termination of the relief was slightly short of the floor drain, so a 2″ PVC 45 ˚ el and short piece of pipe has been temporarily placed.  The valve which appears newer, was still leaking a bit around 10:30 AM.  This may be due to having two fill points on this system &  and maybe different operating pressures?  Henderson Engineering to review/recommend next steps…

  • Refrigeration

    E-5656 Kitchen Small Walk In Cooler Door

    Recently newly installed replacement cooler door serving the kitchen’s small walk in or pass through refrigerator not working.  Electricians found its control board water damaged appearing to be related to condensation (dripping inside of it’s ‘weatherproof’ box).  Notified Stafford Smith and requested a warranty review/repair.  W.O. # 868156 currently open, feel free to add to it if you’re working on this issue.

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    Roof leak above AC 27-10

    It was noted this morning that a roof conductor above our new AC 27-10 is leaking.  Brandon & Jim confirmed it is not drain related, but rather a roofing issue.  Spoke with Pat Shain & Bob Perino requesting that they further review/repair.

  • Metasys

    5305 Building Radiant

    The water supply feeding the radiant system for our 5305 Building has been valved off at the fill valve.  A copper coupling is leaking in the Dr. McMurtrie’s office ( southeast corner of the 2nd floor).  Brandon & Jim investigating options for repair.  As a ‘just in case’ I have commanded Radiant Pumps 1 & 2 off in METASYS.