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    Steam PRV etc. replaced/on line M.E.R. 9

    Work was completed today by Keith from J.E.G. to complete restoration of steam serving M.E.R. 9   Any isolation valves closed off for the summer months will still need attention.  Next to receive similar treatment is M.E.R. 5  just waiting for a replacement relief valve ordered from VR.

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    M.E.R. 6 Flood

    The relief serving the former M.E.R. 13 T.U. system relieved itself ~ possibly yesterday during the refilling of this loop?  Recently work has been done to eliminate the pumps in M.E.R. 13 and 14 and combining the two closed loops together.  The termination of the relief was slightly short of the floor drain, so a 2″ PVC 45 ˚ el and short piece of pipe has been temporarily placed.  The valve which appears newer, was still leaking a bit around 10:30 AM.  This may be due to having two fill points on this system &  and maybe different operating pressures?  Henderson Engineering to review/recommend next steps…