The Lowly Engineer
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    Steam PRV etc. replaced/on line M.E.R. 9

    Work was completed today by Keith from J.E.G. to complete restoration of steam serving M.E.R. 9   Any isolation valves closed off for the summer months will still need attention.  Next to receive similar treatment is M.E.R. 5  just waiting for a replacement relief valve ordered from VR.

  • Metasys

    OSC ATU 53-4 Service Core C RM 1954 Steam visible at supply registers

    The steam supply serving ATU 53-4 has been valved off  in M.E.R. 32.  OSC staff are seeing steam at the supply registers under certain conditions.  JCI will adjust programming next Tuesday morning prior to cases starting.  Access to the supply (ball valve) shut off requires a tall ladder, currently placed underneath valve…  Will restore once new limit set points are established.

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    STERIS Electric Steam Generator in M.E.R. 21

    It passed!  Met with Robert Thompson from the State of Michigan today to review the electric steam generator installed in M.E.R. 21 as part of the OSC construction.  Thanks to everyone who helped get this here from Saline, installed and prepped for inspection.  The intent is to use this during steam shutdowns and or an extended steam outages serving as much equipment as possible in CSR (only).  Will schedule test period with CSR soon.