The Lowly Engineer
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    0700-1500 Power Plant Dwight

    warmed and blewdown boilers ,switched #2 boiler as lead

    Ran chemical pumps for boilers in manual all day to bring up levels.

    blowdown is closed for #2 boiler (conductivity 1000 )

    normal shift

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    Energy Center Shift Duties 2300hrs-0700hrs Cori

    Plant rounds and readings in the Energy Center.

    Warmed #1  Boiler.

    Blew down  #3 Boiler and checked LWCO.

    Tested boiler water and cooling towers water. 

    Med gas Manifold readings.

    Metasys Checks and Cold and/or warm calls.

    Added 1 gal. of Halochlor to Yard Tower.

    Warmed #2 Boiler put in Auto in the PWC. And Auto remote at boiler panel.

     Adjusted surface Blow heat exchanger. from 100 deg. to 90 deg.

    Worked on Health Stream.

    Filled Softener Brine tank after regeneration.


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    Going on the Record

    Rumor has it ,we will not be circulating chilled water this fall, before we drain for the season. Not a good idea. I have witness frozen coils on the old Trane units. These units have poor air mixing, air stratification, questionable freeze stats and steam coils that are in poor shape.

    Count me out for repairing chilled water coils and flood control, I am on the record.