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    W.A.G.'s (Waste Anesthetic Gas) Testing

    Tim Napier from Health Choice Services will be completing a semi-annual waste anesthetic gas analysis beginning today after 3- through Thursday night.  Work will be completed at CANTON, Brighton, Livingston, ASF, M.O.S.C., Surgery Pavilion, and CCH.  Work will be completed in any area where anesthetic gases are used, i.e. surgery, angio, cath lab, etc.  Security & management for these areas have been pre-notified.  If there’s need to contact Tim do so at: 502.541.1711.
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    Energy Center Shift Duties 1900hrs-0700hrs Cori

    Plant rounds and readings in the Energy Center.

    Warmed #1 Boiler, Blew down  #3 Boiler and checked LWCO on both.

    Tested boiler water 3 times and cooling towers water. 

    Med gas Manifold readings.

    Metasys Checks and Cold and/or warm calls.

    Added 2.5 gal. of Halochlor and 1qt. of Defoamer to Yard Tower.

    Added 1qt. of Halochlor to #3 Tower.

    On #2 Boiler warmed header and opened header valve. Started boiler and checked Low water alarm, Low Water cut out, and Auxiliary Low Water cut out. Warmed up and Put boiler on line. Put Boiler in manual, local with burner off.  

    Helped Bill McCarthy change Filters.