The Lowly Engineer
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    power plant 0700-1900 Dwight

    Warmed and blew down boilers ,checked L.W.C.O on #1 boiler.

    test and log water results.

    pumped in sulfite in to #1 boiler to bring up to stand by levels 450

    Rotate boilers,put #3 as lead.

    Put manhole covers back on #2 boiler and started filling added chemicals before filling

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    AC 25-9 (A-2124) humidity change

    Per Amy Conners/Pierre Gonyon raised r.a. humidity set point from 35% to 40% ~ on going  I.A.Q. complaints; ‘watery eyes’.  I intentionally put this in as an operator override to draw attention to it.  If there’s need to alter, please lemme know or Pierre…  Thanks!  b.

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    North Tower Rm 74 Retail Storage Sewage Pumps

    Found sewage pumps tripped on overloads.  Reset and pumped water down.  Pumps tripped again.  Had Electricians check out.  Currently trying to find pump info for amperage.  Also pipe has hole inside the pit.  Referred to John E Green for repairs.