The Lowly Engineer
  • Study Material

    Power plant 2pm – 11pm

    Blowdown boiler 1.

    Warm up boiler 3.

    Monitor metasys – adjust/dispatch  as needed.

    Plant rounds and readings.

    Utility readings.

    Eldon meeting.

    Work on tower walchems.

    Chiller 2 started at 8pm? Stopped.

  • Study Material


    Routine Shift Duties.

    Added 2 gals. Halochlor C to the basin of the yard tower and circulated.

    Changed Boiler Caus 50 pump setting from 32 to 35.

    Changed Oxykor S1100 pump setting from 47 to 50.

    Changed Quest 250S pump setting from 47 to 50.

  • Study Material

    EC 1500-2300

    Utility readings-metasys-rounds and readings-shut off chiller 2 6p.m.-chiller 2

    tried to restart at 8p.m. shut it off-do dip  slides for yard and tower 3-normal shift