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Electrical Shutdown OSC & Surgery

Copied from an email notification sent earlier: 

To All,

  This is a reminder that at 4:30 am 8/26 all normal power (brown outlets) will be shut off for approximately 1 hour.  I will be on site and personally check with the Surgery and OSC staff prior to shut down to verify no case is under way.  I will leave my contact information in case an emergency case comes in so power can be restored right away.  The work to be done is very simple and I expect no issues.  Emergency power will be in operation the entire time.  Upon completion and restoration of normal power I will once again visit both Surgery and OSC to verify all systems are operating properly.

Paul- Would you be so kind as to notify tonights powerhouse operator that the generators will run from roughly 4:30 to 5:30 am?  Thank you.

 Wm. E. Dreffs

Ed Dreffs

Project Engineer/Consultant

Huron Valley Electric