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    FREE Apprenticeship Program

    FREE apprenticeship program being offered by IUOE Local 324 Check it out.

    Or this link from clickondetroit.com

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    Check your local if they offer this program, if not encourage them to do so.

    Please pass this info on to those who might be interested. The engineering work force needs to be replenished.

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    New Salt Pallet Size

    Revised salt pallet size for my return to work. Berno is so thoughtful!

                                                                                                                                     Compared to original                       

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    Recovering from back surgery. I had a laminectomy / spinal decompression surgery. Hope to be back to work soon.

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    Not Sure Why

    For some reason this tractor / trailer driver took it upon himself to try and squeeze through an area clearly not meant for for this type of weight. Eventually he got stuck and started sinking. The following cooling season we were at a loss to find a sizeable leak in our chilled water supply to the main building. Then we remembered the stuck semi between the power plant and the slope to the main building!!