• Adventures

    Fast Easy Way To Shutdown Plant

    We were having a new refrigerant monitor system installed in the plant and the service tech asked where the breakers were located for the two areas he was was installing the equipment. Locating the one for the main monitor was easy, everything was marked. The remote monitor wasn’t that clear cut. After locating a panel I saw a breaker marked flow meter. We used to have a city water pressure monitor installed where the new remote monitor was being mounted, so I switched it off. Bad idea. it shutdown the boilers! While I was trying to get the boilers back online, the service tech come by and said he didn’t need the breaker off, he installed while the circuit was live. A plant shutdown, switching a 20 amp breaker off, wasn’t required. I hate when these incidents are self induced. Oh, the breaker was for the steam flow indicators.

    Make sure your MCC breakers are clearly marked before experimenting to find the right one.


  • Adventures

    Boiler 1 In Flames

    One evening while doing plant rounds I noticed something odd out of the corner of my eye. Flames coming out of the top of the front burner plate of boiler #1! My training and experience kicked in and the first thing I did was run to the plant office and get my camera. I had heard of this happening and had seen pictures of it but never in person. After the photo shoot I secured boiler 1 and had boiler 3 online. What an adventure!

  • Adventures

    Temporary Storage for MORGUE supplemental cooling

    Stored near the secondary chilled water pumps/west outside wall of the Plant is a collection of larger vinyl ducting, a door frame, some door hardware etc.  This is here for use, if AC 22-8 cannot meet the cooling requirements for our morgue later this summer.  Work is being done to renovate the former ASF space into a variety of new uses ~ one of which is a cadaver lab in conjunction with EMU.  Temporarily EMU students are using our morgue procedure room at times ~ including need to maintain a 65 zone temperature.  A portable A/C unit has been rented (currently residing in our basement near the water softener salt) if we cannot satisfy needs with existing mechanical equipment (AC 22-8).  So…please do not remove this unless Rory or AIMS construction asks to do so.  Hopefully, there will be no need this summer.  I have yellow tape securing this equipment as a local reminder.