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    A2111 AC 22-8 Morgue/Temporary Cadaver Lab

    As part of the Temporary Cadaver Lab Construction Project, there is need to provide the maximum amount of cooling available from AC 22-8.  The cooling valve has been overridden to 100% open; and should remain so unless Rory or Construction Services requests a change.  A rented air cooled temporary unit is in series with this AHU, providing additional cooling capacity, while ensuring proper air pressure and air change requirements are still being met.  What was formerly used only for morgue services, is temporarily being used for a training area (in conjuction with EMU) as well.  After the current ASF moves to the new OSC, operating rooms 3&4 will be converted to a Cadaver Lab.  Temperature and or pressure conditions related to this temporary workspace should be directed to construction services for their review/adjustment(s).