• Refrigeration

    E8951 IP Pharmacy Vaccine Refrigerator

    Checked out E8951 one of Pharmacy’s vaccine refrigerators in RM 1440B (card swipe access) near Women’s Locker RM & Women’s Restroom off of corridor leading to OSC.  In temp track IP Pharmacy staff noticed a spike in temperature, (too cold) thereafter called the manufacturer ( Thermo Fisher Scientific) and with their technical support’s help, adjusted the box temperature set point 1˚warmer.  Normal operation for this is 4-6˚C or 38 – 44˚ F.  No problem found during a review around 1- PM.  Condenser coil is spotless, evap section was locked.  In Temp Trak this is sensor ID 77-19E.  At risk vaccine for Flu Shots ~ not good…  If problems persist, it is Pharmacy’s responsibility to store their product in another refrigerator.  We do have some ‘spare’ Follett’s in the basement; note that some have been identified for Bio-Hazard use only…  If troubles continue, it’s probably best to enlist Bruce Johnson Refrigeration for their assistance.

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    E-5656 Kitchen Small Walk In Cooler Door

    Recently newly installed replacement cooler door serving the kitchen’s small walk in or pass through refrigerator not working.  Electricians found its control board water damaged appearing to be related to condensation (dripping inside of it’s ‘weatherproof’ box).  Notified Stafford Smith and requested a warranty review/repair.  W.O. # 868156 currently open, feel free to add to it if you’re working on this issue.

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    Energy Center Shift Duties 1900hrs-0700hrs Cori

    Plant rounds and readings in the Energy Center. Warmed  #3  Boiler.  Blew down  #1 Boiler and checked LWCO.  Tested boiler & Cooling tower  water and logged.   Med gas Manifold readings.  Metasys Checks and Cold and/or warm calls.

    Was called about security getting a alert call for the  Bone freezer no one knew were it was ? ( Thanks Bernie for the help) went to surgery and talked with the  nurse on duty and she had pushed the test button on the freezer there was no alarm, let secutity know and were the freezer is.

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    Canton Advanced Medicine RTU #4

    Update on RTU #4 ~ blown fuses found this morning; replaced and failed again.  Unit is currently in bypass with it’s door at the unit propped open.  Static pressure about 1.4″ at this time.  As the evening temps drop, it might raise to 1.75″ at which point, raising the units d.a.t. temperature will force boxes to open/lowering static pressure build up.  The D.A.T. is currently overridden to 61.  This morning Pharmacy called, they noticed a spike in their room temps (via Temp Track).  The critical room temperature there is ANTE ROOM #1137 and the critical threshold is 75 thereafter product is at risk & requires extensive papework since these meds are federally regulated.  Lucky for us, currently there’s no ‘critical’ product there. 

    Fife Pierce Electric is scheduled to review at the next available opportunity hopefully Monday morning.  Since Matt is on call tonight (working tomorrow) he’s available to assist as needed just page.  Tomorrow he will walk through Canton to confirm no pending problems, possibly adjusting as needed.

    Cause of the critical nature, call if you have pending questions…    Next steps; we’ll METASYS alarm a bit differently & locally label the RTU for future events.

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    Huron Oaks Refrigerator

    Water leaking on floor from one of the refrigerators in Huron Oaks kitchen (adult PH).  Found drain line frozen on large refrigerator.  Removed all drawers and back cover, defrosted.  Cleaned debris out of drain.  Put back in service.  No aims e #