• Adventures

    Boiler 1 In Flames

    One evening while doing plant rounds I noticed something odd out of the corner of my eye. Flames coming out of the top of the front burner plate of boiler #1! My training and experience kicked in and the first thing I did was run to the plant office and get my camera. I had heard of this happening and had seen pictures of it but never in person. After the photo shoot I secured boiler 1 and had boiler 3 online. What an adventure!

  • Study Material

    Energy Center Shift Duties 2300hrs-0700hrs Cori

    Plant rounds and readings in the Energy Center. Warmed  #1  Boiler.  Blew down  #3 Boiler and checked LWCO.  Tested boiler & Cooling tower  water and logged.   Med gas Manifold readings.  Metasys Checks and Cold and/or warm calls. Added salt. worked on P.M.’s