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1. An injector is used on a high-pressure boiler to

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2. Steam Is Considered High Pressure at What PSI?

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3. Boiler feed water is chemically treated in order to

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4. The first thing you should do when taking over a shift is

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5. A fusible plug on a boiler is made primarily of

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6. Cyclone separators are located in a

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7. The lowest temperature in which fuel oil will start to flow is called

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8. The maximum size of the surface blowdown and bottom blowdown line is

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9. A horizontal return tubular (HRT) boiler is a

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10. The test that is used to establish the relief capacity of a boiler safety valve is called a

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11. How would you identify a safety valve that is meant for superheated steam as opposed to saturated steam?

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12. What are the usual colors of a well tuned furnace's natural gas flame

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13. What would the term "blocking" refer to


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